Sterilization Equipment

We are proud to provide much-needed sterilization equipment to the vital life science, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. The products we provide allow this essential work to continue its progress by properly sterilizing glassware, instruments, and ancillary lab equipment, as well as manufacturing components, equipment and terminals to meet stringent GLP and cGMP requirements.

We currently provide a variety of sterilization equipment. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

Sterilization Equipment

Industrial sterilizers are vital to the life science, biopharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. These powerful machines are specifically designed to provide consistent results to meet stringent FDA standards for cleanliness in biopharmaceutical research, health care facilities, and manufacturing. We offer both steam- and non-steam sterilizers capable of eliminating bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores from your equipment. All sterilizers offered include preprogrammed cycles that can be customized to meet your unique industry standards and needs.


All sterilizer offerings are computer-controlled, with validatable cycles that can be customized to meet your industry- or lab-specific needs. They are designed to be safe, dependable, and easy to use. We offer a variety of non-steam-powered sterilizer options, including water cascade, ethylene oxide and steam/air mixture sterilizers.

Tabletop Autoclaves

Our steam-powered auto-locking tabletop autoclave offerings are designed to meet all stringent GLP and cGMP requirements and configured for tight temperature tolerances and Fo monitoring and will provide validatable results at high throughput rates. We only source products built with sanitary stainless steel for increased durability and efficiency.

Instrument Washers & Disinfectors

We provide only the best quality washers and disinfectors for the life science industry. Our product offerings are qualified to meet a broad spectrum of cleaning functions ranging from cGMP disinfecting for biopharmaceutical production to cleaning tools and equipment in the research environment.

We offer a range of products, including multilevel, automatic glassware washers capable of cleaning and disinfecting laboratory equipment. These products come in a variety of sizes and can be configured to meet any throughput and/or load configuration requirements.


Contact us to learn more about our product offerings and find the system that works best for your facility.