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Power Distribution Units (PDU)

A wide range of PDU sizes from 50 kVA to 1.25 MVA with convenient, front access panels and platforms built for retro-fits or greenfield build-outs.


PDI offer’s a wide range of Power Distribution Units (PDU) which offer the following:

  • Sizes from 50 kVA to 1.25 MVA
  • Standard Copper or Aluminum DOE2016 transformers
  • Optional Future-Proof Dual and Triple Output Transformers
  • True Front Access Enclosure enabling all operation, maintenance and service from front of the PDU (PowerPak 2 & PowerHub 2)
  • Optimized Convection Cooled Enclosures
  • Intelligent WaveStar® Power Monitoring
  • Wide variety of panelboard and sub-feed breaker distribution options
  • Front access infrared scanning (PowerPak 2 & PowerHub 2)
  • Compartmentalized Controls and & High Voltage Enclosures (PowerPak 2 & PowerHub 2)
  • Adaptable Service Entrances for Top/Bottom Entry/Exit
  • Available in three platforms purpose built for either retro-fit or greenfield build-outs

PowerHub 2 PDU

The PowerHub 2 PDU provides flexible power distribution through a 60”w x 40”d true front access cabinet housing up to a 1.25 MVA DOE 2016 Transformer. Its centralized brazed bus bar system provides up to 16 sub feed distribution breakers.

PowerPak 2 PDU

The PowerPak2 PDU provides intelligent and flexible power distribution through a 42″ x 40″ cabinet housing a 100 kVA – 400 kVA transformer while maintaining the smallest footprint with true front accessibility.

PowerPak PDU

The PowerPak PDU provides intelligent and flexible power distribution housing a 50 kVA – 300 kVA transformer within a traditional dimensioned cabinet.